About Jose

Prior to real estate, Jose served across several roles within Apple Inc retail stores for nearly 8 years. Widely considered among the most admired companies in the world, Apple’s no-commission sales environment conditioned him to make the customer’s best interest his #1 focus when recommending products and services, all while striving to provide a world-class customer experience. Whether selling Apple products or real estate, that customer-first approach has remained the top priority. And don’t worry…it doesn’t matter whether you are Team Apple or Team Android; the Home Search App works on both platforms. ;)

Jose is committed to integrity, attention to detail, and a continous effort to hone his craft. A significant portion of his business comes by referrals from satisfied clients. This has allowed him to focus valuable time on current clients' needs. He has been recognized as a President’s Club member for outstanding sales achievement.

Outside of real estate, Jose enjoys quality time with family, serving the local community, and adventure. One of his favorite ways to unwind is in the kitchen or behind the grill, and will switch it up from time to time to explore the local dining scene. He is a sports enthusiast and avid follower of all competition levels including high school, college, and professional.

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